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Our Services

Electrician Services

Some of the Services offered are:

  •    Fix the fuse box
  •    Rewire the electric wire

And much more...

  • AC Repair

    AC Repair

    A wave of cool air in summer months and a ripple of warmth in winters. No we are not talking about your lover. It's your AC that deserves the praise more than anything. To make sure it is in the best condition, Call our experts who can provide you following services:

    •    AC Repair and Installation
    •    AC Cleaning
    •    AC Fan and Motor Repair
  • Electrician


    Loose wires are dangerous and even more dangerous is trying to fix them on your own. CallFixie offers electrical services to help you stay safe. We know staying without electricity even for a minute is a tough task, hence, our electricians reach you in less than 24 hours. Some of the services that our electricians offer include:

    •    Installation of Wiring Systems
    •    Inverter Repair, Switch-Board Fixing
    •    AC and Heater Repair
    •    Geyser Repair
    •    Installation of Stabilizers
    •    Earthing System Installation
    •    Appliance Repair
    •    Refrigerator Repair
  • Painter


    Splash in colours whenever you want minus the inconvenience. Our painters are highly-trained to paint your home in right shade, colour and texture. The only thing left for you to do is admiring your newly-painted walls.The services we provide include:

    •    Priming
    •    Cleaning Ceilings
    •    Rolling the Ceilings
    •    Painting Ceilings
    •    Painting Walls
    •    Painting Cabinets
    •    Painting Furniture
  • PC Repair

    PC Repair

    It's easy to repair PC with CallFixie. That might not have rhymed very well but the fact remains that getting your PC repaired through CallFixie is very convenient. Your PC would be safe with our verified professionals. They can provide services including:

    •    Software Installation
    •    Hardware Installation and Repair
    •    Updating Software
    •    PC Accessories Repair
  • Locksmith


    Our expert locksmiths have got the key. They are can unlock all your lock-related problems. They are trained and verified to offer best quality services and consider your safety to be paramount. They can:

    •    Fix broken Locks
    •    Make Duplicate Keys
    •    Install Security Systems
  • Cleaner


    The clean and shining homes you envy were as messed up as your own till their owners asked for help. To make your home shiny and dirt-free, our home cleaning experts can pay you a visit to offer services including the following:

    •    Cleaning of Webs from Nooks and Corners
    •    Floor Scrubbing and Cleaning
    •    Cabinet Cleaning
    •    Washroom Cleaning
    •    Floor Polishing
    •    Thorough Dusting
    •    Kitchen Cleaning
  • carpenter


    Get it nailed right by our suave professionals. All of them are well-equipped with latest tools to provide expert services, as soon as following a day of job posting. Some of the services that our carpenters can provide include:

    •    Cabinet Making & Installation
    •    Wall Siding
    •    Partitions
    •    Building Frameworks
    •    Construction & Installation of Drywall
    •    Flooring
  • Landscaper


    Our landscapers are experts trained to make earth around look aesthetically pleasant. We have a team of professionals who have undertaken many successful landscaping projects in the past and are have CallFixie Verified resumes to boast of. The services they can provide include:

    •    Designing Gardens
    •    Designing Fountains
    •    Installing Lawn Sprinkler
    •    Designing Orchards and Farms
  • plumber


    The sound of a leaking tap isn't exactly a melody, right? Our plumbers are experts who have a long time experience in getting out there in field and solving important plumbing-related problems. Some of the services that our plumbers can provide include:

    •    Repairing and Installing Water Heaters
    •    Fixing Sewer Line Problems
    •    Fixing Gas Line Problems
    •    Repairing & Installing Pipes & Fixtures
    •    Dealing with water clogging & flooding in bathrooms
  • Others


    CallFixie has a score of verified and experienced service providers in various other fields. Our tradies are professionals trained to keep customer satisfaction as their highest objective. If you are seeking help from a professional from any other category not listed here, please try searching below:

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